Construction Machinery Industry

Pister Tiltrotator PT - The all-rounder among the tiltrotators.

The robust multi-functional device optimises the excavator's application possibilities through two additional functions: It allows alternating, but also simultaneous and endless rotation of your attachments. Thanks to the great freedom of movement in the "wrist" at the end of the excavator arm, you can position your attachments precisely without having to manoeuvre the excavator. The "more" flexibility opens up better utilisation and new areas of application for your attachments. On the other hand, it extends their radius of action to a and, thanks to the more precise positioning of your attachments, allows for a faster, more precise and more efficient work.

Flexible Systems, quick couplings

For fast and save coupling processes Pister offers an efficient and flexible Multicouplingsystem, the PMK. 

High pressure safely blocked

Pister ball valves are used for different applications of the construction machinery industry. In this field of application it is very important to block and control the upcoming high pressures. Therefore the quality of the valves has to be very high.

Pister is leading in the development und production of ball valves and blocks in standard or special design.

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