New developments

Expertise around the construction machine and competence around the hydraulic system. In addition to our PMK multi-coupling-system, which was very successfully placed on the market, we brought our TILTROTATOR into a marketable commodity in 2023. 

The system is characterized by the fact that it has no external cylinders and is therefore very tiny, also bothering contours were avoided. The robustness of the closed system and the huge rotating unit make the expensive and heavy sandwich construction obsolete and the TILTROTATOR can be used with almost all attachments.

In addition to the two products, we brought our POWER FORK pallet fork from idea to market within just 1 year. The first fork with a central center of gravity not only adds important functions to our TILTROTATOR, it also enables smaller excavators from 5 tons to lift heavy loads more safely, and it makes the use of a wheel loader or a forklift needless, especially on smaller and medium-sized construction sites.

Both products are protected by registered designs and are currently in the process of applying for patent pending.

Of course, as usual, you also get various custom made products such as control and distribution blocks as well as ball valves from a single source.

Please feel free to find out more about this under "Products" or visit us at various trade fairs.


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